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My Account is Hacked/Infected. How do I fix it?

If your account has been Hacked or Infected you should perform following steps to fix it and secure your account.
  1. Check if the script you use for your web site like wordpress, Drupal, Joomla etc. is up to date. You must update it to latest version.
  2. Hacker may upload php shells in your account public_html folder to edit your websites files codes. Scan your account for any unknown file. Delete all unknown files and files not uploaded by you from public_html folder.
  3. Change your cPanel and Email account password to hard guess password like Dg%t&89@12.Y7
  4. Perform full scan of your computer with one good updated antivirus and two goos updated antispyware.
  5. Hackers may have inserted malware code in your websites files. You should check your website files codes carefully and remove all malwares codes from infected files. If you have large number of files, better solution is upload fresh files.